Piccolo Parties Christmas DIY Handmade at Home

We all love the run up to Xmas no more so then our little ones.
Here are so great has and tips and how to make Christmas extra fun and crafty adding your own hand made fun to the festive season.

Here is a quick guild to a festive -fabulous DIY Xmas at home for under Β£10 and using bits and bobs you have around the house.

Lifesize Gingerbread house Perfect to add some festive fun to your front room or play room and hours of fun making and playing Also a great way re-use boxes and bits and bobs you have around instead of throwing away. In a world of single use items this is always a great thing.

Lifesize Gingerbread House

What you will need:

  • X 2 medium large size boxes
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Glue
  • Extra card broad
  • bits to decorate (old decorations
  • Red and white tape

Start with two boxes.
Cut off one side of each.
Cut out triangle roof section.
Tape bottom so there are no cuts in the box.
Cut our door and window on one side (you can do windows on both.
Lay flat tape together – so it one long section.
Stand up and tape together to create house base.
Fold in the roof parts.
Tape to triangles you cut.
Using the two sides you cut off -tape tougher create a roof-secure on top.
Then add fake snow, cotton wool roll, anything to cover the roof.
Then decorate your house as you like, add candy canes, snow flake, old baubles, tinsel etc.

Happy making!

Balloon Christmas Tree

What you need:

  • Green ballon 11/12” (at least 28 but can use more)
  • X 4 sets of 7 (in bunches
  • Fishing wire or string
  • Smaller balloons for baubles
  • Star balloon for the top

First start with x 4 green balloon blow up to a large size with out popping stop when the balloon fills tight.
Then the next four blow smaller then the last.
And so one with each set of four.
Until you have 7 sets of four.

As you blow up each balloon I would tie two together at the neck of balloon do the same with the next two.
Then tie the two pairs together so you have a flat bundle of four.
Repeat with all remains balloons.
Then lay the biggest on the floor.
Tie them with fishing wire.
Then place the next size down of balloon bundle on top so it is flat and tie the same line of fishing wire around pull tight.
Then carry on repeating the same until yo get to the very smallest balloons.
At this point you should have a point and the base of the tree is made.

Continue to secure with your fishing wire.
It should be pretty sturdy at this point.

Then get you little balloons blow up, then yo can assemble them on your tree.
use fishing wire again by securing around the neck of balloon and then around the tree – or use glue dots.

Finish with your star or chose of topper.

Ta-da you have a balloon tree, last for weeks and can be move around from room to room super light.
Enjoy xx

We really hope you found some of these ideas fun enough to try out.
Covid can cancel a lot of things but it can’t cancel family fun.
Lots of love, hugs and balloons,
Piccolo xx